7 Tricks To The Perfect 24 hours

Sometimes we need a brief make-believe escape to come back to reality and excited once again to go through the activities of the day. Although it’s just a short escape, its effects on emotions and energy will be enormous. If we succeed in making this short 5-minute escape perfect, then we can certainly win the various challenges that approach us. Curious?

This is what we can to make the make belief escape flight perfect:

Starting from when you awake: Create a ritual of waking up that is fun. For example, with a smile or play a favorite song for 5 minutes, the effect will create a full 24hrs that can also help you stay focused and make everything lighter.

Insert little nibbles into the bag: After breakfast and getting ready to go outside, do not forget to provide a ‘small energy’ in the bag like bananas, apples, grapes or wheat crackers with cheese slices. This will not only make us mouth happy but also hopefully makes our tummy flat. And certainly, this snack will be additional energy that keeps us excited.

Arriving at the office: Listen to music for a moment. Several studies have concluded that by listening to music that we enjoy can stablize blood pressure and keep stress away. Therefore, after greeting your colleagues treat our ears by listening to music that can make you smile.

Every now and then enjoy lemon scent: When work is starting to make you frown, try to enjoy the scent of lemon. Lemon is an anti-stress agent, other then lemon, lavender and basil leaves can also provide the same effect.

Give your muscles a chance to stretch: No need for complex movement, simply by straightening both arms up and moving to the right and left, our muscles can stop from feeling too stiff. Try also to walk for 10 minutes so that the whole body moves, the blood circulation can go back smoothly and the body more flexible.

Before you go home, try to meditate: No need for special equipment, simply select a comfortable sitting position. Then adjust the breath to relax and calm your mind. Although only carried out for 5 minutes, meditation is very effective against depression and stress.

Back home, write about what happiness you encounter today. We often forget what we have done for the day, thank yourself for having made it through everything that happened during the day. Therefore, try to write in a special book what we enjoy today and be thankful for it. This will keep us thinking positive and make all the challenges of life easier.

Sleep and turn off mobile phones: Yes, today we live in an era where technology allows us to communicate anytime. But that does not mean we have to keep in touch with the outside world for 24 hours straight. Give your body a full rest and rest peacefully.

Happy Trying πŸ™‚

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