Healthy Digestion With Yoga


Fatty foods, spicy and gas-forming foods, can cause problems on our digestion. ‘Tension’ stomach may block the body in digesting the food to be used as energy for the body

2 simple tricks to tame our stomachs and make it better through the legs. Apparently, there is a section on our feet that have a direct connection to the digestive organs. Although initially felt a little sore, but from there we can know which part is the source of problem. Hold the pose for as long as you can.

Deep Toe Bend.
This pose will release the blocked energy in the legs, improve circulation and balance energy throughout the body.
1. Stand using the knee, bend the toes to the inside and sit above the heel. Only the bottom surface of the toes and soles of the feet just touching the floor.
2. Begin by lifting the knee off the floor, and move the weight forward slowly, balance with hands on the floor if necessary. Place the load at the ends of the toes. Feel the inconvenience.
3. Feel where the location which does not hurt, try to put your weight on that section. Hold that position for as long as we can.

Foot Cross.
This pose opens the energy pathways starting from the soles of the feet.
1. Sitting on top of the heel to the top of the foot touching the floor.
2. Lift your heels a little, cross your right leg to the middle of the left leg. Position your right leg shin in the middle of the outermost left foot. Right leg will hang on your left foot.
3. When the right foot bones is already in position, sit back on the heels. Feel the sensation on the left leg and possibly to as far as the spine.
4. Use body weight to provide gentle pressure on the right heel. Hold this position for as long as you can, before changing position.
5. After doing this pose on both legs, sit cross-legged and feel a difference in our bodies.

Happy trying.

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