Staying Slim In Your 40s Is Possible

tea and coffee

We must have often heard that when one reached the age of 40+ the body metabolism slows down. Indeed age will facilitate the deposition of fat in the body. The average weight gain will be about 0.5 kg per year which is expected when entering the 50’s age, body weight increased by about 18kg.
The first thing one should do is discipline in exercise, a 30 minutes daily would effectively prevent the accumulation of fat in the body.

Eat sufficiently
Actually your body needs food to lose weight. The logic is that the body needs calories to burn fat and calories are food sources. When one eat sufficiently will provide for the basic biological functions (for women about 1,200 calories), then metabolism will slow down. The key is to eat enough and interspersed with 150-calorie snacks between breakfast and lunch and between lunches to dinner. This is what will make the body’s metabolism never stopped or taken the wrong energy to burn fat.

A cup of coffee or tea.
Both are beverages that contain caffeine that can stimulate the central nervous system. Coffee will make your metabolism work more nimble 5-8 percent every day while a cup of tea will speed up your metabolism by 12 percent.

Fiber will burn fat perfectly. It burn fat to 30 percent! So try to enjoy 25 grams of fiber each day to stay slim. The best sources of fiber are fruits and vegetables.

Our bodies need protein to maintain the smooth muscles. Try to put 85 grams of lean meat on the menu for lunch or 226 grams of low fat yogurt as snacks. As research has shown that protein is able to burn 35 percent more fat in the body.

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