Super Foods For Men

List of foods that could make men more super

Lean red meat:
Red meat is one of a nutritious diet. But remember; choose only lean red meat in order to avoid pile of bad cholesterol. Red meat is good for men because it contains the amino acid leucine, which building muscle.

Yup … chocolate is not just for woman. Men need them and save them from premature ejaculation. Chocolate helps chase away bad cholesterol that makes blood flow more smoothly. The cause of premature ejaculation is the resistance at the blood vessels. So, sticky snack is not only enjoyable but also increase sexual desire and chocolate can also trigger the love hormone that affects the quality of sex.

Shellfish or other seafood, which is rich in zinc, is very good for the heart, muscle, and reproductive systems. Research shows, men with poor sperm quality are usually characterized by a lack of zinc in the body. If a man have seafood allergies or do not like seafood, nuts are the best substitute for the supply of zinc for the body.

Salmon and tuna are the best. Inside are Omega-3 that can protect the heart and save us from cancer and arthritis. Research shows, two servings of salmon and tuna per week can reduce the occurrence of heart attacks.

Bananas content enormous potassium. Men need the potassium to form muscle contraction and bone health. In fact, potassium can suppress the levels of sodium in the blood. So those of us who have high blood pressure, bananas are ideal in lowering blood pressure.

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