Treating Cuts Or Wounds Injuries

As parents, we always try to protect the children. Including when they are playing or performing other activities. Could it be because they are too active or less cautious, accident does happen. Like for example, falling while running in the yard until their knees hurt or bleeds. Or too eager to help in the kitchen and accidentally touch a hot pan, until they have a swollen or blistered hands.
He may be crying because of the pain. However, this is no reason for us to ban them from repeating the same activity. Instead, we must push them too be strong, brave, but be much more careful the next time. On the other hand, we should also know first aid measures for when injuries happens. Here is some information that we must understand when treating cuts or wounds.

Flush with running water
For cuts, scrapes or puncture wounds the first thing to be done is to flush is with running water.
Need to Remember: Do not immerse it in a container of water, because bacteria from the wound can be easily spread.

Clean with soap.
Cleaned the area around the wound with soap and not the wounds itself as it may cause irritation. Wipe gently with a clean cloth to remove dirt around the wound.
Need to Remember: No need to use a special liquid soap or antiseptic for cleaning. The content of the material that is too strong could make the wound hurt more.

Take to the doctor.
When the wounds or cuts are fairly wide and deep, bring them to the doctor immediately. The doctor will clean the wound with a special liquid, and then consider further treatment to prevent infection. Such as sewn or given a special adhesive fluid.
Need to Remember: Tell your doctor if your child has allergies to certain medications, so he is more cautious when going to perform medical acts.

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