Recognize And Avoid Facial Skin Damage

The things that you can consider if you want healthy facial skin.
Who does not like to have the soft, smooth, and healthy looking skin? Especially if you find that you get praise for having it. However, what happens when the largest organ that surrounds the whole body becomes damage? Therefore, maintain our skin health and I hope the tips below helps. Good luck.

Exposed to sunlight for too long
Ultraviolet rays can have a terrible effect on the skin. The sun has an effect on improving skin cell function but too exposed to it can also damaged the skin. And when the cell is damaged, then we can certainly have aging skin. So whenever possible, avoid exposure to extremely hot sunshine.

Wear sunscreen
Wear sunscreen or sunblock cream is a must if you’re to do outdoor activities during the day. However, often it does not provide the maximum protection when the skin is exposed to the sun. The reason could be because that we use too less of it. It should be at least 28 grams of sunscreen SPF 30 or more in a single use. And, to be repeated every 2 hours if we are in contact with direct sunlight..

Using the wrong cleaning
Never use soap to clean your face. Substances contained in soap are not intended for facial skin and more if you have sensitive facial skin. Use a gentle cleanser formulated for your face, use an oil free cleanser and noncomedogenic to be free of stubborn acne. .

Lack of sleep
Try to have a good night sleep of at least 7 to 8 hours as skin rejuvenation process occurs when we sleep.

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