Allergy-Free Bedroom

Enjoy bedroom free from allergy by doing these preventive measures.
Bedroom no longer have to be hell for us who have allergies to feathers, dust mites, or fungi. From now on, allergy symptoms can be reduced and even suppressed. Here are some ways you can do to relieve the symptoms:

Exterminate the trigger allergies.
The bedroom should always be swept and mopped every day. However, it is almost certain that under the beds are left untouched. Leaving swarm of mites squatters there. Take time once a week to vacuum under the bed. Do not forget to move the mattress and other furniture so that dust does not gathers in the corners of the room. Clean the top of the wardrobe, window frames and doors. Do not forget to wash the curtains that had been used for months. Because secretly, curtain is also the best place for nest gathering dust and germs.

Shopping time.
When was the last time we buy a new pillow? If you can not remember that, then it is time to buy new one. Buy a mattress and pillow made of latex, because this material does not cause allergic and anti-fungal. Do you know that all fall hair and dead skin cells continuously accumulate in the pillow? No wonder mites breed prolifically there. Use a pillow and mattress cover as it can be easily wash or replace to get rid of all the fallen hair and dead face cell left on it.

Air vents
If we are people who are allergic to dust, make sure the bedroom window is always closed at night. Do not forget also to always clean the periodic AC and the fan we used.

Do pets allow.
This may be the dilemma for dog and cat lovers. However, if it is allergic to feathers, we must banish the pet from getting into the room. They can just wander other areas of the house, but the room is a forbidden to enter.

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