Backyard Into A Paradise

Having time for rest and relaxation is the right everyone deserves. It will help, distancing us from stress and also keep us away from various diseases.
For most people, the family room is the favorite place to relax. But do you know that relaxing in the same room every time can take the fun of it. What if there were other areas that could become a cool place for relaxation? “Yes” it’s the backyard and here’s how you can magic your backyard into a paradise.

Get rid of clutter.
The habit of storing or stacking unused things will alter the primary function of the back page of the means of air circulation into a new storeroom. It won’t be a surprised if allergies and respiratory problems occur.

Healthy Ideas: Keep unused things in the storeroom. Fill the back yard with ornaments that can give peace, like plants, a water fountain or a fish pond that has a reassuring sound of running water.

Choose the right plants.
Choosing the right plants will gives fresh air and lead to comfort. Instead, choosing the wrong plants could lure pests and mosquitoes.

Healthy Ideas: Choose plants such as zodiac, marigolds, lantana, sunflowers, lavender, geranium, and rosemary, not only it’s beautiful to look at, these plants are also able known to repel mosquitoes.

Use natural lighting.
Sunlight is not only needed by plants, but also affects the temperature and air.

Healthy Ideas: For unobstructed sunlight, avoid placing plants with large leaves in the backward. Try to sunbath 5-10 minutes every morning. Your body will absorb the calcium which is important to help prevent osteoporosis.

Decorate your backyard with natural colors.
Wall color of your home can affect daily mood, green and blue has a calming and healing nature.

Healthy Ideas: Strengthen the natural impression by getting into the green, blue, brown wood, yellow grass and gray; also choose natural color for the furniture and accessories.

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