Beware, Vegetarian Diet Too Can Make You Fat

Cutting consumption of meat and animal protein does not guarantee a slim body.
Who said that by not eating meat, fat, and eggs can significantly reduce weight? It is precisely the wrong vegetarian diet that can make us ending up with pretty drastic weight gain.
Although classified as a vegetarian diet it does not mean the food is healthier or contains fewer calories. Before you plunge yourself into a vegetarian diet, please the following:

Vegan Junk.
French fries, tortilla chips and potato chips are diet free of animal ingredients. However, this food does not necessarily also be free of calories, fat, and high sugar. Eating it is the same as stuffing yourself with junk food. Eating vegan junk does not mean it’s healthier.

Bread and pasta.
As a result of confusion looking for vegetarian-style snacks, we then eat lots of bread and spaghetti. In fact, these foods are very high in calories. A plate of pastacan contributes up to 200 calories.

Snack made from natural ingredients.
Although free from animal elements, but if often snacks like carrot cake coated with cream cheese that is a mistake. Because, like vegan junk, vegetarian snacks can also be high in calories.

Excessive consumption of beans.
Cannot be denied that bean is the highest source of protein for vegetarians. However, there is no doubt also that nuts are high in calories. Two tablespoons of peanut butter will add 210 calories to the body. Therefore, limit the consumption of nuts a day to only a handful.

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