Bringing Pets Traveling

No need to fuss and worry about bringing your cat or dog with the family while traveling to distant places.
Planning to a place far away and had never visited will be enjoyable. However, what will happen if the occupant increased by one and who had never been along to travel by vehicles?
Hassle. Maybe it’s the first word that comes. Bringing pets on vacation could be a new homework for us.
Follow these few tips for a pleasant unforgettable journey.

Bring all health documents.
Make copies of all medical reports of your beloved cat or dog. Make sure they get the proper and appropriate vaccinations before traveling. This will be very useful if the pet suddenly became ill during the trip. Will make veterinarians easier in treating it based on all health documents brought.

Make a mini-trip practice.
Make sure that your pets are familiar with the vehicles. Take them for a route of short drive for a couple of times to ensure they feel comfortable in the vehicle.

Grooming time.
Make an appointment to do a full grooming for pets before leaving as pets must be guaranteed of cleanliness.

Give a little food before leaving.
Don’t give them a full meal. A full stomach can make them car sick and vomited. Stop several times during the trip and use that time to feed them.

Head out the window.
Although it looks fun, but head out of the window for a pet dog is not recommended. Passing vehicle could easily grazed and endanger their heads. In addition, it also can break the concentration of other drivers.

Friendly accommodations.
Before traveling, make sure you find a hotel or inn which is pet-friendly. And if you’re staying with relatives or friends, informed them about the “extra guests”.

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