Colon Cancer

The possibility of contracting colon cancer lies largely on personal or family history of cancer. The risk of this disease can be reduced by making the routine screenings done to rule out colon cancer development. A study highlights the risk of colon cancer about 6 percent in most people.

In the year 2008, 109.000 new cases of colon cancer registered in the U.S.. Although the prognosis of the disease in the U.S. suspected highest compared with Australia, Europe, Korea, and Japan, 50,000 people lost their lives to fatal disease in the same year in the nation itself. Studies conducted on the subject reveals a higher probability of survival in cases where colon cancer is identified at an early stage. Having stated this is important to understand the true implications of the term ‘live’. In the case of cancer, this terminology indicates alive with disease for certain duration. This term does not indicate complete cure of the disease.

Statistics for five-year survival of colon cancer patients in the United States highlighted the 93 percent survival rate for colon cancer stage 1, 85 percent for stage 2A, 72 percent for stage 2B, 83 percent for stage 3A, 64 percent for stage 3B, 44 percent for stage 3C and finally dropped to 8 percent for the most advanced form of cancer is represented by stage 4. Although the survival rate can be lowered with the progress of malignancy, the project data differences in the percentage of life comes to stage 2B and 3A. The reason behind the high survival rate in stage as against 3A 2B this stage has been described as the administration of chemotherapy to the former group, a bright chance of survival.
Other variables that affect the survival rate in patients with colon cancer include age and general health condition of the patient

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