Discover Your Diet Type

Successful diet by getting to know the type of brains we have.

Trial and error. Maybe it was the opinion which we hold in a diet. Various types of diet we try to apply but until now none of that shows good results. Why is that? Perhaps because the type of diet we did, didn’t match the way our brains work.
A study compared 66 thousand brain scans; discover the existence of four types of brain, the compulsive eater, impulsive eaters, emotional eaters, and restless eaters.

Each type should do a different diet style.
Almost any type of diet is only suitable for one type of brain type only. Research over the last 20 years shows this. By giving everyone the same diet plan will provide a much different outcome. Some may have successfully weight lost but some the opposite.

The compulsive eater’s type is usually always thinking about food all day. They have low levels of the hormone serotonin. That’s why they should not do a diet high in protein and low in carbohydrates.

The second type, impulsive eaters tend to always take all the food they see. This type has low levels of the hormone dopamine. Therefore, a diet high in carbohydrates and low in protein will only worsen the state of the body.

The third type is referred to as emotional eaters. Food used as sadness medicine, depression, loneliness, or boredom. They experience this because of the high activity that occurs in the deep limbic system in the brain.

Last type is the type of nervous eaters. Named as because these people use food as an outlet for their anxiety and fear. This happens because the brain is deprived of the neurotransmitter GABA that serves to calm the nerves.

For those who are compulsive eaters, choose the type of high-carbohydrate diet. The impulsive eaters type should choose the high-protein diet and drinking green tea is required to increase the dopamine hormone level in the body.
While people with good character more emotional eaters should consume a mixture of fat, protein and good carbohydrates in a diet. And for those who are the nervous type eaters should choose a diet that combines whole-foods and vegetables that contain vitamin B6 and magnesium to reduce discomfort.

Identifying the type of brain we have, select the right type of diet and exercise to get the best result.

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