Early Alzheimer Prevention

Change your everyday life style to protect ourselves from this forgetful disease.
Renowned Alzheimer’s can strike anyone, anytime. However, there are certain ways that can be done to prevent this. The trick is to a healthier lifestyle with the 4 steps below:
Exercise is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Studies show when we start a fitness program, not just the arm and leg muscles are strengthened, the brain can build muscle too. It’s easy, park the car at some distance from the destination or use the stairs. Do it slowly but regularly.
Stretch your mind
Provide exercise for the brain. Doing crossword puzzles could be one solution. In addition, regular reading or discussing politics with friends can help. Plus, connecting with friends can reduce the risk of dementia by 60%.
Give your intake of brain
The key point is to eat sufficiently, not too much. If we are overweight at old age, we have 2x greater risk of dementia. And if obese, we enlarge the risk of it up to 4x as much.
Further, do a Mediterranean diet which focuses on the consumption of whole grains and fish. This kind of diet is to lower the risk of diabetes which is one of the main factors causing Alzheimer’s.
Prevent stress
People who are easily stressed had two times greater risk of getting Alzheimer’s. Treat this by doing meditation. This method serves to increase the portion of the brain to control the memory. Do tai chi, massage, and a brief chat with friends.
Do this to get the maximum health at a later age.

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