Eat According To Age

Still look beautiful and healthy at any age with proper nutrition. Differences priority, especially in health care matter, differs from age to age. Appropriate intake of nutritional and caloric is a must.

For 20s.
At the age of 20, the body needs carbohydrates, so it should be brown or red rice consumption. Eat whole food supplements consisting of 52 kinds of vegetables. Eat snack in the morning and evening with fruits as a snack in the morning. In the afternoon, choose snacks that are less sweet.

For 30s.
Do not hesitate to eat strawberries. This fruit is high in antioxidants. However, you should also add a variety of other fruits so that we get the maximum nutrition. Similarly with vegetables, eat broccoli sautéed with garlic or steamed briefly. Avoid cooking broccoli with oyster sauce because of its high sodium. Meet energy by drinking strawberry juice mixed with banana, yogurt, or soy milk. Drink it in the morning to replenish energy throughout the day.

For 40s.
The slowing down of metabolism making not just any food can be consumed by the body. However, do not hesitate to consume various types of vegetables because each type has different uses and functions for the body. Similarly, fruits, each fruit have nutrients and different properties. This will led to a wide variety of nutrients that goes into the body. Cut down carbohydrates but enlarge fruit and vegetable consumption. For maximum results, a routine exercise of at least a 15-20 minutes every morning or evening.

For 50s
Women in this age need natural oil which is derived from hemp and grains. However, one thing to remember, subtract food from flour, including bread wheat. Limit fried foods and dairy products like milk, ice cream, and cheese. It is better to consumed yogurt, fruit juice and eat protein such as boiled eggs and oatmeal.

Basically, all ages should consume a balanced nutrition.

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