Facts and Myths About Dogs

Maybe we always think that if a dog is less excited or depressed it’s a sign they’re not healthy. What people are saying, maybe a fact or maybe just a myth. In order not to get stuck on the wrong idea, follow these guidelines:

Happy dog wag their tail sign.
Basically the tail wags indicate that a dog is interacting with their environment. There are two types of tail flick. A quick flick which means the dog is in a state of fear or obedience to his master. And second, slowly flick accompanied by facial expressions, eyes and body are relaxed. Well, the second flick is what might be regarded as a smile, at once an expression of pleasure.

Dogs can only see two colors (black and white).
Dogs can see some color, blue, yellow, violet (blue derivatives), they also can see other color combinations derived from the color gray. In dark conditions the dogs also have a superior sight. However, its shortcomings are that dog are less sensitive to certain colors, like red, orange, and green.

Warm nose means a dog is sick.
Water from the eye glade will come out of the dog’s nose making it wet and cold in that area. Not to worry, as not long after the nose will be back warm again. But beware if your beloved dog’s nose is warm but wet followed by other symptoms, such as loss of appetite, vomiting, cough, and fever up to 39.2 degrees Celsius. Bring it to the vet to get help.

Dogs lick their own wounds to heal faster.
This is because a dog saliva containing lysozyme enzyme that can break down and destroy bacteria, particularly gram-positive bacteria commonly found in wounds. Unfortunately, because of itching, the dog also likes to bite and scratch their wounds. The result, the wound will become increasingly severe. And because of that people think dogs can not heal the wound itself.

Your puppy can not wag his tail.
Indeed, physiologically, the puppy is able to move it’s tail since birth. But, wagging tail can only be done when they were aged 30-49 days. Before that, the puppy can only eat, sleep, and not interacting with its environment.

Weak and limping dog indicates they are exposed to lung disorders.
Cancer cells in the lung have unique properties, which can force the growth of muscle tissue in the foot bones. Muscle that continues to grow will make your feet become swollen and painful, especially when they walk. Lung disorders can also be characterized by coughing. Get the precise diagnosis by bringing your pet dog to the doctor, in order to obtain X-ray examination.

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