Free From Bad Odor While Exercising

Detect that unpleasant aroma source that can break exercise concentration.
While we’re doing cardio to burn fat, it is very natural to sweat. And as we know, sweat can be the source of unpleasant odor and you surely don’t want your beautiful home and garden to be contaminate by that bad odor.
Whereas we understand well the benefits of cardio, ranging from healthy blood vessels, reduce the risk of diabetes, sharpens the brain. Then, should we stop burning calories just because of sweat and odors?

Detect the source of the unpleasant aroma. Identify the source and deal with it now!

Sources of odor: Clothes that do not absorb sweat.
Avoid clothes made of nylon or polyester, because this material does not absorb sweat well. So the sweat then mixed with the cloth material and produce unpleasant aroma. Use clothing that absorbs sweat like tactel. This material is not only quick to absorb sweat, but also make good circulation.

Source of odors: Eating too much fiber before exercise.
Foods high in fiber is fit to be consumed before exercising, but if to much excess will increase gas production during cardio.
The recommended servings are 5 grams of fiber foods before exercise. But if we feel more energetic by eating high-fiber foods before exercising, eat 1-2 hours before exercise so as not to disturb its gas production activity.

Sources of odor: Wear antiperspirant with deodorant.
Antiperspirant is a technology that can suppress the production of sweat. Does this automatically eliminate body odor? Not really, because the antiperspirant only reduce the production of Eccrine glands, whereas not the apocrine glands. Apocrine glands, usually is in the armpits and, groin. This area usually causes body odor because of the trap bacteria on the skin.
That’s why, pick antiperspirants that also contain deodorants that serve to neutralize. But remember, deodorant only works at a certain time frame. So always shower each time after exercise.

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