“Friends” That Make Us Happy And Healthy


Looking for friends who can entertain and make us healthier? No need to worry. By simply providing a little room for the presence of a cute little dog or cat as companions in our homes is capable of making us healthier, both physically and mentally.

Hearing friends.
While in trouble or stress, the presence of a good companion is all we need. Though maybe, just simply being a good listener. Then what would happen if our best friends are too busy and do not have much time for us? Don’t worry, as you can just talk to your pets. Being a good listener is a natural instinct for dogs and cats. They can feel the mood of the owner, such as being stressed, less passionate or even being very happy. Not only that, spending time with pets can also be very relaxing. Especially during period of healing after illness.

Cheerleading friends.
Looking for entertainment? No need to look any further. Not only are they cute and adorable, they can also make strange and funny facial expressions, to change our mood and cheer us up.

Exercising with friends.
A good routine exercise will help in the formation of muscle, while distancing us from the risk of various diseases. Such as, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer. Let’s raise the spirit and take the furry friend for a walk or jog. Study found that people who keep dogs and cats have lower cholesterol levels, compared with people who do not have pets.

Not only satisfying as a hobby, the presence of dogs and cats can also maximize our health.

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