Hope For Patient Suffering Celiac Disease

People who suffer from celiac disease can’t consume foods that contain gluten such as wheat, barley or wheat. The response to gluten can cause damage to their intestines and also stop the absorption of essential nutrients.
However, now researchers have discovered the exact cause for gluten allergy. This information is very important as it will help in finding a cure for celiac disease. Currently, the only treatment for gluten allergies is nothing except not to eat any foods containing gluten.
Researchers have found that gluten protein contains 3 small parts that cause irritation to the stomach and intestines. This small section is a chain of amino acid building blocks of gluten.
Although the cause of celiac disease known to researchers is nearly sixty percent, until now they could not tell which parts of the adhesive is responsible for causing this disorder. For this study, 200 participants who suffer from celiac disease are listed. They are made to eat bread, muffins wheat and boiled barley for 3 days. After 6 days start of the study, participants must provide a blood sample. Blood samples were tested to see how strong the immune cells present in the blood react against more than 2,700 gluten peptides. The researchers found that 90 gluten peptides carry an immune response, but three gluten peptides show stronger reactions.
With this study, researchers have been able to identify peptides in gluten that causes the maximum of adverse immune reactions. This will help researchers to now develop a therapy to help people who suffer from celiac disease.

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