In life more and more electrical equipment are used to acquire ease and pleasure. Making us surrounded by electric fields and electromagnetic fields as more electricity is used in a variety of life infrastructure.
Various studies have conducted and determine the magnitude of its effect on health. Some studies show the influence of these waves on the incidence of cancer, especially cancer of the blood (leukemia) in children.
From the results showed the influence of electromagnetic fields on health in case of very high intensity with effects on:

DNA, RNA, and protein synthesis
Cell proliferation
Immune response
Membrane signal transduction (hormones, enzymes and neurotransmitters)

The effect is proved that at high levels exposure, disruption will occur on the side can have several physiological functions such as: the function of reproduction, cardiovascular, nervous, hematopoietic, endocrine, mutagenesis, the immune system.
In the living body itself there endogenous electric fields that have a complex role in controlling the body’s physiological mechanisms, such as: neural activity of muscles, glandular secretion, cell membrane function, development and growth, as well as tissue repair. Imagine if there is a greater electric field around us will surely affect the endogenous electric field. Exposure to these fields from the outside will result in additional stress to the body with the result: synaptic transmission at the nerves will grow rapidly and cause an exaggerated response that ultimately leads to fatigue on the body.
Stress caused by electric field exposure can cause changes in the autonomic nervous system dysfunction associated with the adrenal gland. In these conditions the autonomic nervous system will affect the performance of the hormonal system that can stimulate increased activity of the hypothalamus and corticotrophin releasing factor associated with the anterior pituitary and adrenocortitrophin hormone.
In these circumstances will result in excessive adrenal hormones that will affect and disrupt the homeostasis of the body system works.

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