Simple Tricks To Reduce Weight

Losing weight is no longer just a dream. Perform this trick and get the ideal body weight.

In addition to exercise and diet was there anything else that could be done and support our weight loss program. It’s just that things are seldom done and never comes to mind. Do not hesitate to do this simple trick and be prepared to be surprised with the results.

Scent of banana, apple or peppermint.
Perhaps this sounds strange, but do be shocked. Researches have proven the success of this step. It is found that the more the frequency a person smells the scent, the less they feel hunger. It is actually due to odor stimulation of the brain. With the smell, the brain thinks that we have already eaten these foods.

A study found that eating with a mirror can decimate almost a third of the intake that goes into the mouth. By looking at our own reflection, we can be reminded of the purpose and the struggle to lose weight that has been undertaken so far. Not surprisingly, when we unconsciously begin to reduce the size of the meal.

Every now and then try to notice the color of the walls of the restaurant that we are entering. Most will be shades of red, yellow, and orange. Believe it or not these colors are colors that encourage increased appetite. If you want to reduce appetite, use the color blue in the dining room. Color is what serves as an appetite barrier.

Tie Waist.
Some women use a string tie around the waist under the clothes that they use when they go out for dinner. This makes them aware of their stomachs. If the rope began to tighten, then they will know it’s time stop eating.

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