The Best Exercise For the Heart.

Not all options can provide a positive benefit. Just because it’s an effective exercise to burn calories, but turns out bad for the heart. Or good for the heart and body weight, but contain potential to cause injury.
That’s why it’s important to find ways that is benefiting as much as possible, but to minimal harm. As not only a slim and fit body we desire but also a healthy. Here are some sports are recommended by experts.

Interval Training.
This is a good exercise to prevent diabetes, heart disease, and lose weight. For this exercise workout combines weight training with light loads. For example, walk briskly for three minutes, then a faster for 3 minutes. Or it could also be combine the road on a flat surface with the surface of the climb.
With this load combination, the heart gets a chance to beat more slowly, after beating fast because of heavy loads. As a result, the important organ will become so much stronger, and won’t get sick when given constant load.

Total Body, Non-Impact Sport.
This sport will move all the muscles of the body, but minimal impact. For example rowing, swimming, or exercises with the elliptical machine at the gym. The more intense the muscle involved in an activity the more active the heart pumps blood and oxygen. And a healthy heart is the heart of active work. Combined total-body non-impact sport and interval training will make the maximum workout results.

Weight Lifting.
Lifting weights is an arguably formed of interval training. When the hands move the heart work harder. When the hand lowers the dumbbell to perform other movements or change positions, the heart rate slowly decrease .Choose a dumbbell or weight exercises that is accordance with your ability. Involve all the muscles of the body to move and the heart will get stronger.

Pilates is a form the major muscles in our body. Include the abdominals, chest, hips, back, neck, thighs, legs, and arms. In addition, Pilates also train flexibility and balance. This will enable us to move more actively, such as carrying groceries or up and down stairs at home.

Active Lifestyle.
Many people think, exercise for 30-60 minutes a day is enough to nourish the heart or lose weight. But the fact is, to get the heart healthy or burning calorie perfectly, we have to be active or lead an active lifestyle. Research reveals that women who live an active lifestyle and fill their spare time gardening, biking, or walking around have a leaner body and a stronger heart. This compared with women who exercising for 60 minutes a day, then sat in front of the TV all day.
Given so many choices that we can do to nourish the heart, I think we need to have the spirit to be creative to choose a way to keep moving all day.

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