Heal Trauma Through Dreams

The other side of a dream that makes us even more love sleeping. Our body is an incredible doctor. The system in it is able to do unexpected things, include reducing the harmful effects of seeing things that are traumatic. A study found that during REM (Rapid Eye Movement) or sleep (dream phase started to appear), the body block and release stress hormones. The brain will process the emotional experiences and let go of the suffering caused by bad memories. This study divide 35 young people into 2 groups. The first group was shown a series of150 images that evoke emotion twice, namely in the morning and during the afternoon. While the other group are shown the same series of pictures at night and the next morning after a night’s sleep.
Researchers found a significant decrease in emotional reactions in both groups between the two times watching it. In addition, there is also a dramatic decrease in amygdala activity (part of the brain that
functions to process emotions). This makes the prefrontal cortex can again control the emotional reactions of participants to become more rational. It is also possible because the current through a phase of REM, the
level of norepinephrine(a brain chemical associated with stress) have declined. Hence, the emotional reaction of the brain processed a day ago had faded the next day. This dream stage, based on the neurochemical composition of its unique, giving us a form of sleep therapy. A sedative that eliminates bad sides of the perceived emotional experiences from the previous day.

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