Kitchen Product That Could Turn Out Dangerous.

Usual kitchen product could turn out to actually harm our health.
Perhaps the items below are things we often use to simplify household chores. But sometime these things can really hide some scary substances that are harmful to health.

Styrofoam takeout.
The container is dangerous because it contains substances call polisterin. These substances can cause styrene (carcinogenic substances) enter into the food.
It is better to replace the container with boxes made for food. However, if forced to use this material, do not let food come into contact with styrofoam. Use foundation that limit between food and styrofoam.

Anti skillet Sticky.
This tool is much loved by mothers and housewife. Only, if used too hot, nonstick skillet can release fumes containing TFE (tetrafluoroethylene), one of the carcinogenic substances that are harmful to the body.
To overcome this, we should not let an empty pan that does not contain water or oil heated on the stove. If not, there is a layer of teflon which will evaporate and harm the food place afterward.

Cooking tools are outdated.
We could have loved some particular cooking utensil. Because of this love, we are reluctant to throw it away. In fact, it contains aluminum cookware. The use of continuous can release the content of aluminum cookware into food. In fact, this substance is often associated with Alzheimer’s disease or maybe you could use the Microwaves instead to be safe.
Be sure to choose pots and pans that have the lowest content of aluminum. Leafy vegetables and foods that have a high acid content, such as tomatoes, are the two types of food that can absorb the most aluminum. Griddle and pan with nonstick surface is the best option to cook these foods.

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