Know The Facts About Metabolism

Get to know our metabolic systems based on actual facts.
The body is a natural calorie burner. Every activity we do, including simple things like breathing, reading, and sleep requires energy. Only, we often do not know how much activity is needed to burn calories in the body.
We do lots of things to improve our body’s metabolic system. Let’s make our body a super calorie burner by knowing these facts 4.

Cardio exercise can prolong the process of metabolism.
Strength training is often the center of attention when talking about burning calories. It is true, which is formed in muscle strength training can burn more calories. Not only that, strength training is even able to extend the process of burning calories after the workout.
Cycling using a stationary bike for 47 minutes on average burn 519 calories alone.
If we do cardio exercise 2 or 3 times a week for 45 minutes, we can eliminate about half a pound of fat every 2 weeks. This is due to a combination of calorie burning during and after exercise sessions.

Sleep time = Burn more calories.
Many think, if the bed can hoard a lot of fat. In fact, more sleep can actually speed up metabolism. A day without sleep will lower resting metabolic rate to 5% for several hours.

Woman age 40 years above gets fat easier.
A study says the condition is caused by the declining estrogen levels at the time of menopause. Whereas estrogen receptors in the brain are controlling how many calories you burn in a day. In a day, a woman who is menopause will burn 50 calories less.
To outsmart this, do weight training. Regular weight lifting sessions (3 times with 10-12 times the weight reps, done 3 times a week for 12 weeks) will add considerable mass load to burn 45 extra calories. This could increase the metabolism decreased in women who experience menopause.

Eat to increase metabolism.

The body is a fat burning machine that works every time. However, there is one thing that can stop it, namely the decrease in blood sugar.
The main fuel of the brain is the blood sugar. So while it is being decreased, the brain is taking steps to shore up the delivery of sugar so that the brain can function normally. The body releases the hormone cortisol to break down tissue, including muscle, and make glucose to feed the brain.
In other words, low blood sugar makes us have less muscle. To fix this, consume snacks that contain 100-200 calories in between meals to maintain the level of blood sugar.

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