Tricks Sending Full Signals To The Brain

Want to lose weight? Controlling the size of meal is the key to the success of this program. However, we often do not fully feel the sensitive full signals transmitted to the brain. It takes some time for this signal to arrive to the brain so that once the signal is up; we had already eaten too much.
If it continues on like this, a weight loss program will instead be turned into a program of hoarding calories in the body. 4 tricks to convey a message to the brain that the stomach is quite full:
Peppermint Taste
After a meal do not hesitate to eat a candy, a glass of warm tea, or even use a mouth wash that has a mint flavor or aroma. As a natural appetite suppressant, peppermint will help us control the appetite. More than that, peppermint taste will help the mouth look for snacks after dinner.
Get up and Move
It’s hard to keep chewing on food if we are no longer close to the existing dish. So, finish the meal and move away from the table. To tell the brain that it is time to stop eating, we just need to change location. Switch from the dining room to living room and get busy doing things.
Little Sweet Little Consumption
Sometimes, eating a spoonful of sweet foods can stop your appetite. It also could be a marker for the end of the meal session. However, compare to having a high calorie cake, choose foods that are healthy and contain lots of water to make the stomach full. Try eating berries, watermelon, or pomegranate. Beside rich in antioxidants, this fruit also contain lots of vitamins A, C, and fiber.
Create a plan after Eating
If the brain is filled with lots of plans about what to do after dinner, we can dispel the mind to eat constantly. We then can automatically stop eating. No need to elaborate activities. Make plans to call a friend or prepare stationary for work tomorrow will keep us focused.

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