Watching Them Grow

Having a child is a wonderful experience. Watching them grow and wondering what would the little guy be able to do next is a never ending question every parent experience. But what happen when the child next door is the same age as your child is able can say “mama” and your child have not. What actually happen? And the question will be what is normal, have and not should be at their age now? Maybe you can search the internet for that answers or you can also get a book about it as a book is always easier to read then you have to be online all the time with a child next to you. Yes there are now good quality book on child growth and whatever books that you can think off and even social work textbooks. During growth, your child will experience a variety of stages that must be considered. It is fun to observe and assist a child as they become a toddler.
Seeing and laughing are things that can be done first by a child and could be a very pleasant experience to a parents. Then to hear the first word, see him standing or walking can be an unforgettable moment. Although everything is nature, parents can provide support for children, it is important to know what are the stages that your child will passed along.

Growth and development of a child, is divided into three terms, namely:
Mental / Thinking / Speaking
Is the ability to get information from about also using the language.
Physical / Motor / Sensory
Is a child’s ability to perform physical activity using motion or limbs.
Social / Emotional
An ability to interact with others to show his feelings.

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