Where Do Leukemia Come From?

Scientists have been able to identify traces of cancer in the bones of dinosaurs living 150 million years ago. Somewhere around the 4th century BC or 5, the Greeks made the pioneering discovery of cancer, one of the worst diseases to humans.
History also highlights the discovery of the jaw bone in Kenya Australopithecus or Homo erectus by Louis Leakey in 1932. It is believed possible malignant tumor Burkitt’s lymphoma by George Stathopolous. This variant of jaw cancer was found to be a fairly common disease in modern-day eastern Africa.
The world comes to formally recognize leukemia in 1845. It was during these years that this form of cancer brought to light by John Hughes Benett in Edinburgh. In the same century, European physicians also observed patients with levels of WBCs are not compatible. This condition is referred to by their white blood signifies the Weisses Blut as ”The leukemia” was created much later. Since its origin from Greek, the term is unity by leukos two separate Greek words meaning ‘white, and the blood that indicate heima “. With further research into various forms of the disease described in 1913. This variant is identified as chronic lymphocytic leukemia, myelogenous leukemia, acute lymphocytic leukemia, and erythroleukemia.
A landmark in the history of cancer was established by Hermann Muller in the decade of the 1920s. He identified that mutations in DNA occur as a result of ionizing radiation, which cause cancer. Some risk factors that cause cancer also recognized during the 19th and 20th centuries. Hope first came through the treatment of leukemia in 1970, after which there was no looking back. In the next few decades, medical science is rapidly evolving in the region and increase the survival rate of leukemia by about 70 percent.

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