Benefits Of Loving

Not only makes the world seem beautiful, love can make us healthier.
Falling in love is the sweetest experience that everyone can feel. From the heart suddenly pounding as ‘he’ comes close, or are always looking to share a way to always be close to him. Love can really enchant our world and makes it so beautiful.
But do you know that love can also provide benefits to our health. Let’s see what love can give to us:
Love is a friend of the heart.
When talking with someone who attracts us, the brain will send a boost to the heart to beat three times faster than normal conditions. This condition will increase blood supply to all parts of the body, particularly the cheeks and sexual organs, which would give a sensation feeling like there are butterflies dancing in the stomach.
A study found that couples who spend a lot of time for physical contact such as hugging and communicate with one another, had more level of hormone ‘love’ oxytocin. Plus, the women will also get an extra bonus that is a decrease in blood pressure. Let’s give a healthy heart with a warm hug to a love one today.
Love makes us more intelligent.
Feelings of love will cause a calming effect on the body and mind to enhance nerve growth. This hormone-like substance that will help nervous system and improves memory by triggering the growth of new brain cells.
Love help fight cancer and strengthen immunity.
A recent study found that ovarian cancer patients with a strong personal relationship have stronger white blood cell activity surrounding their tumor, rather than patients who did not have a close relationship. White blood cells function as killer cells to cancer and become part of the immune system. Attitudes to love and be loved will neutralize the negative emotions that can interfere with the immune system, endocrine and cardiovascular function.
Love for our longevity.
Study finds attitudes of shutting ourselves off from social life may increase the risk of a shorter life up to 5 times. Feeling of ‘bound’ is important in maintaining health. Love, attention and assistance to others can improve the immune system, prolong life, plus keep us away from depression.
Love makes us young.
No need for anti-aging products that is expensive to look younger. Simply fill our days with love. Endorphins produce by the body while feeling love will increase blood circulation to the skin. The results are softer and smoother skin and will also helps to suppress the onset of wrinkles. The increased supply of food and oxygen to skin cells when in love, it also gives a red hue and shine.
Never be afraid to fall in love. Time to express our feelings of love to enjoy the benefits of health.

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