Lack Of Love And Attention = Obesity

Not only does it have an impact on the psychological side, the lack of maternal love can make a child at risk of obesity during adolescence. Researchers doing research on the relationship between mothers and their babies to the impact of obesity in the child as a teenager.
The study involved 977 people. The interaction between mother and child are observed and assessed when the infant are still at the age of 15, 24, and 36 months. Assessments of this relationship were assessed case by case basis for children ages 3 levels. These researchers use a scale value of 0-5. Where the value of 0 indicates the highest level of sensitivity and proximity of the mother and the child, while 5 showed the lowest levels of sensitivity and closeness of mother and child.
A total of 26.1% of children who score 3 or more are obese at age 15. This is more than the children who score below 3. The risk of obesity in children 15 years more because of its low sensitivity level of the mother, rather than the level of their proximity.
Researchers said the deregulations in the function of the stress response system are also more common in children who had mothers with low sensitivity and less had a close relationship with the child. Mother does play an important role in helping children develop healthy responses to stress as well as protect them from depression. This can be done by providing continuous support.
Love and attention are required by children from an early age. In addition to stress-free, mother’s attention will also prevent the child from the risk of obesity later in life.

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