Sports for the ‘Senior’

Do not arbitrarily select a sport for seniors. The wrong exercise or sports can likely to cause injury.

Condition of the bones and the body that are no longer strong as the young make seniors aged 60 years and above couldn’t do all kinds of sports. They are no longer able to exercise that demands high agility. Their energy also is much more limited. But on the other hand, exercise can help keep away disease and increasing the immune system, increase flexibility, movement, and mind.
This is the four sports, quite fit done by the ‘senior’ are:

With much number of series of stretches and the ability to build muscle toning, this sport is becoming more popular. There are also several other advantages that can be benefited by the elderly by practicing yoga. Among others, is to increase joint flexibility, reduce joint pain and increase blood pressure. Also, by doing yoga, they can experience the relaxation that helps them sleep soundly.

Low impact Water-based exercise provides many benefits. Call it, a better balance, reduced stress levels, and reduce the risk of bone loss. In addition, swimming is the best option for the elderly because this sport can be easily done by the body and but little pressure on the joints.

This meditation is the best way to form the core muscles and relaxes the tension on the body. Not only that, low impact exercise is a good step for the seniors who are just starting with routine exercise.
Taici ease pain in the joints as well as lowering blood pressure and increases the sharpness of mind and concentration. Not surprisingly, taici be the best choice for dementia and Alzheimer’s patients.

It may seem trivial but this sport is the best way to maintain the health of the entire body. Walk can also increase stamina and maintain heart health and muscle tone.
Stay healthy while getting older is not difficult. By doing any of the exercise or sports above on a regular basis can benefit both physical and mental health of seniors.

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