After Work Looking Beautiful Quick Tips

Staying beautiful when coming home from work to attend the event?
Try to describe how we look after the office hours? Wrinkled face, deleted makeup here and there, really not as fresh as when entered the office in the morning. Yet, we are waited for gatherings with friends or have to attend to a big family dinner or just a romantic date with your spouse.
If we get stuck in this situation, do not worry. Try this short solution. It could help you swing and look beautiful after office hours.

Refresh the face without the need to wash the whole face. Simply wipe the foundation off and to blush at some point with a tissue or a wet towel.
Washing your face will only force you to redo the makeup from the start. Though the makeup like eye shadow and mascara has a long durability. Therefore, just use oil blotting paper for the face. Then, repeat the application foundation with a pressed-way tap. Then, brush on the blusher on the faded area.

Focus on eye makeup for a stunning appearance, especially with the smokey eyes makeup style. But unfortunately, to produce the impression we need solid match 3 layers of color. Instead, simply use metallic shades shadow with your fingertip along the eyelid.
In addition to dark shades, shimmer or glistening shades are also suitable for use for eye makeup at a party, both formal and casual. It is more practical because it can usually be applied only in the very outward appearance.

Hair bun and simple knot. Learn some simple bun style and applied it.
Simple coil are able to lift the appearance look special. This method is much faster than washing your hair and drying it. If you do not like a bun, neat ponytail style could be an option. Add a little gel to help tidy up the remaining hairs sticking out.

If you follow this beauty tips, we can save time dressing up to 45 minutes. Good luck.

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