Body Weight, Age And Metabolism

Strategy to face the body’s metabolism slows down.

When calculated, our body’s metabolic rate decreased 10 percent compared to when entering the phase of menopause as a teenager. What is this? The answers are because many people become so much less active moving, as it passes through life.
This condition will make the body’s muscle mass reduced. But actually slowing your metabolism is also caused by the slow repair of cells. That’s why we need more calorie intake at this age stage, so that weight does not increase. And this formula also applies to those who regularly exercise also.
Do not jump to imagine all the consequences of the decline in metabolic rate that occurs naturally. It’s inevitable, but we can find the right way to deal with it. The experts have a suggestion which is simple and fun to do, namely: Enjoy every meal we eat.
Yes, with a meal that we eat, then we only focus on the food in sight. It will make you chew your food slowly and we automatically limit the amount of food into the stomach. In addition, whenever faced with more than one variety of foods, choose one that is safer for health. For example, the lower calories or fat. Or the one with more protein and vitamin.
So, no need to fear or even make the facial muscles tensed imaging the slowing natural process of metabolism. Simply select the correct food and enjoy the sensation of every bite of food slowly to get to perfection. That way, the phase of menopause is not always synonymous with widening waistlines.

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