New Mom Workout Tips

Exercise that is suitable for new mothers to help maintain weight and body shape.

Many obstetricians recommended postponing exercise 6 weeks after giving birth. This is true and longer for the mother who gave birth by Caesar. However, what happen when excess body weight start to interfere with performance, here are tips worth the try.

Start slowly
Do not expect your body is primed to run for 30 minutes, like you did before pregnancy. New mothers are usually faced with post-partum stress and lack of sleep due to take care of the baby. Therefore, do not force the body to perform sporting activities that are too heavy.
Start with low-impact exercise such as walking, yoga, or swimming. Walking 10 minutes or more every day around the compound will provide benefits. Slowly add intensity and exercise time in line with the increasing strength and stamina.

Sweating at home
To be able to divide time between child care, invest in buying exercise videos fitness and practice. Having a treadmill, yoga mat, exercise ball and dumbbells, will also supports a series exercise at home.

Do what you can
Because every woman is different postpartum experiences, do only what your body are ready to do. Caesarean stitches will probably prevent from cardio. So, do not hesitate to exercise using a dumbbell and train the upper body during the recovery period.
Consulted with your doctor before exercising. Your readiness relies on our recovery speed after delivery. Most doctors would advise to avoid exercise until you stop bleeding. Not only that, also make sure the nutrients and calories into the body are met. This applies especially if you are breast-feeding your baby. Remember, eating a healthy intake will also help us lose weight. So, if we were not ready for a workout, your body will reduce the weight by itself.

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