Own A Silky Skin

Naturally, the condition of a women skin is more delicate than men. But over time, hormonal changes make skin dry. Added exposure to sunlight and dust, making the skin becomes more easily damaged.

As a result not surprising when women pursue a wide range of skin care products that contain peptides, retinol, and cerimedes which promise to give softness, starting from the face, neck, body, hands and feet. But different part of the body has different thickness of skin.

That is why you must understand what kind of skin care products that really can soften the skin.

Soap function is to rid the body off sweat and dust. But it also sometimes removes the skin’s natural oils making it dry and easily irritated. Dermatologist therefore suggested that we use soap or facial cleanser that contains moisturizers.

Usually this type of soap will contain emollients and humectants. Emollients function to absorb water, while humectants keep our skin moist. Both the content is usually label as emmolient glycerin. Make sure we choose soaps that contain petrolatum or oil seeds as an indication of the humectants in the soap.
But for sensitive skin, dermatologists recommend that we stay away from soap with deodorant. Deodorizer added to the soap can easily irritate the skin.

Body Scrubs
Almost the same as soap, body scrubs also serves to cleanse the skin. It helps to lift the dead skin that cannot peel off naturally. Piling up of dead skin would only make moisturizer difficult to care for the skin. Another thing that can happen with the piling up of dead skin is acne.
That is why; most body scrubs contain benzoyl peroxide to block the arrival of acne. Be careful in choosing body scrubs. Select a body scrub that contains natural grains of fruit with little sugar content. Especially for dry skin, make sure there is glycolic acid or lactic acid, which will re-damp the skin. Maybe it smells a bit pungent, but it works very fast.

Skin moisturizer
Dry skin will increase with ageing. So for mature aged women, an additional trick is needed. That is, with a warm water bath and then immediately uses moisturizer.
Choose a moisturizer according to skin type. But most moisturizing cream are made from jojoba oil, almond, or olive. For normal skin, cream with oils like will work optimally in the skin. But for very dry skin, need additional moisturizing cream that contains high levels of humectants. Examples of high grade humectants are dimethicone which is a water lock in our skin.

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