Relax Those Tired Eyes

Not just the body muscles that need it, the eyes need it to.

Not just the head, legs, hands or backs that needs of relaxation, but the eye muscles that surround the eye can also gets strain and fatigue. Conditions of the eye muscles can also be exacerbated if a person is wearing contact lenses instead of glasses.
No need to think of an expensive ways to relax the eyes. All it takes is a few minutes a day to do easily tricks or eye exercise to refresh the eyes.

Seeing Out Window
This is the easiest trick is to be done, especially if you spend much time indoors while working in front of a computer. You only need to look out the window every time the eyes begin to feel tired or uncomfortable. Light from outside can help to relax the eye muscles. If possible look for views that have a green plant for more help in relaxing the eye muscles.

Eye movement
You can do this one lying down or sitting. Move the eyeball up and hold up to five seconds. Then back toward the middle, hold it for a few seconds before moving it down again. Do the same movement to the left and right.

Body relaxation
Stand with your feet slightly apart and knees slightly bent. Rotate your body through the hips from side to side, while moving try to relaxed as much as possible. Keep your eyes open and focus straight on your surroundings while spinning. This exercise is also very useful for the lower back, especially for those who spend a lot of time sitting in front of the computer.
Always remember not to read too closely and should be always in the light. Keep your distance while watching television and try to spend less time dwelling on the computer. Have a good night sleep of 7-8 hours and only use contact lenses at an important time only.

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