Right Color Will Create Healthy Homes

Each color has its own meaning and function of the influence of warmth and harmony to family members.

Choosing the right paint color for the walls and the ceiling should be done with caution. Because instead of reassuring, the color of the wrong paint can actually worsen the mood of its inhabitants. Therefore, before choosing the color to be used, it helps us to follow the suggestions below.

Light colors
Included in this group are green, blue, yellow, and bright orange. All of which will give effect to “widespread” in mind. These bright colors will encourage communication. Apply this color to the dining area and kitchen.

Dark colors
Call it red, purple, blue, and dark green. This group will provide a narrow and gloomy effect. However, make no mistake. If applied to the right place, or simply used as accents only, these colors can help to convey the impression of comfort and safety.

Warm colors
Shades of orange and yellow for example, can increase the perceived temperature in a room. Therefore, these colors are usually best used in a room that faces north.
On the other hand, the color is also associated with activity. Therefore, avoid using it in a room created for relaxation.

Cold colors
Icy blue and icy green have a reassuring effect. Both are particularly suitable for use in the bedroom. The reason, they will help us sleep soundly at night and wake up fresh the next morning.

Navy Blue
This color hampers the desire of people to communicate. Therefore, it is not advisable to use it on the dining room and family room.

The color red increases energy levels in a room. However, red can make people feel more irritable and hostile. Use it as an accent color rather than a basic room.

Avoid using this color for the dining room and kitchen area. This color will remove one’s appetite.

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