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Fitness And Workout Free From Injury

Smart ways to prevent injury before and after workout. We perform physical activity or exercise to get a healthier body. But do you know, physical activity or exercise will also need flexible muscles to do movement. Want to know how to flex its muscles before, during, and after exercise. Warm-up Start with warm-up stretching movement […]

Say No to Stress

Avoid stress avoid different types of disease In this modern era often a person get easily stressed or depressed either consciously or unconsciously. The reasons maybe varied, ranging from office work, children and even spouse. Research shows that stress can actually lead to various diseases such as diabetes, heart attack, stroke to even death. Stress […]

Milk Is Not Everything

Apparently, there are many ways that we can do to protect the integrity of our 206 bones. Time for other food source to save our bones, especially those who are over 50 years, have a family history of osteoporosis, or women who have experienced menopause. Almonds have a complete calcium for strong bones. With just […]

When The Brain Is Sabotaged To Continue Chewing

Bad fat is the cause of this. Blame the brain if we can’t stop chewing our favorite foods, especially fatty foods. Because bad fat can secretly sabotage the brain by sending hungry signal to the brain. Study on how fat works in the body found some fats do not directly accumulate in the abdomen and […]

Stop! Don’t Brush Your Teeth Just Yet

When is not the right time for brushing teeth? The answer is that after we consume soft drinks or drinks that contain acid. We all know brushing is one of the very good habits to keep our teeth healthy. But, you know if i brushing the teeth after sipping drinks “acid” will only give bad […]

Get Beautiful Nails in 2 Minutes

You don’t necessarily need to go to the salon to take care of your nails. Not only does it’s costly it’s also time consuming if you have to spend hours just to get beautiful nails. All we need is to set aside two minutes of the 24 hours that we have. And like magic, beautiful […]

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