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Prevent Anemia With Garlic

Beware if you often feel easily tired, limp and listless. It could be a sign that your body is deprived of blood or anemia. Anemia usually occurs when the body blood lacks hemoglobin (Hb) assigned to assist the red blood cells carry oxygen throughout the body. Symptoms commonly occur in patients with anemia are lips […]

Why Yogurt Should Not Be Heated

Yogurt and other probiotic drinks are often combined with other materials as a mixture to cook. But many people worry about the content of the good bacteria damaged if heated. Microbiologists say that the benefits of probiotics are best when not heated. Even so, processing and even heating would not significantly reduce the benefits of […]

Have Asthma But Still Have Strong Bones

Inhaling steroids reduce bone density. Experts predict that the problem of excess weight or obesity may be a cause of the 28% increased in asthma for women since the age of 9 years. But, it’s just not the weight problems that need our attention, but also bone density. Apparently either steroid medication or oral (inhalers) […]

White Teeth with Strawberries

Red fruit that makes white teeth. If busyness makes us never get to go to the dentist for bleaching, now you can do it yourself by using strawberries. Strawberries contain malic acid which can minimize discoloration on teeth. Not only natural, tooth bleaching is also practical and economical. How to make it easy? Simply mash […]

Challenge, Out Of Safe Zone!

Sometimes we do not have the heart to let go of something, even though the conscious already tell that we’re running in place. This is an early indication of too reluctant to get out of the comfort zone. Psychologists explain, reluctance to let go from the bonds is a natural thing. By breaking away from […]

Slim Body But Still Have Strong Bones

Lose weight while strengthening bones. When running weight loss programs, we were asked to stay away from fat. But not all fats are harmful, because the proof is fat that actually saved us from osteoporosis. Omega-3 and monounsaturated fat are two types of fats that are beneficial for our body. Besides being able to replace […]

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