Challenge, Out Of Safe Zone!

Sometimes we do not have the heart to let go of something, even though the conscious already tell that we’re running in place. This is an early indication of too reluctant to get out of the comfort zone.
Psychologists explain, reluctance to let go from the bonds is a natural thing. By breaking away from the bonds, our life becomes uncomfortable, uncontrolled and unbalanced.
However contradictory human, we always crave for a change in life. Therefore, to break away from the bonds is also a good thing to do. That needs to be developed is the ability to learn, and able to do so.
And to achieve great things, we need to start from a simple or easy to conquer.
Always keeping things.
Actually, this practice is not too bad. But just imagine. What would happen if one day we could not hold or have these items any longer or even lost it? Will that erase away all the memory too? Psychologists explain, we can continue keeping things with sentimental value. Just do not let this interfere with life in the future as recent research states that those who suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder have a tendency to store excess items.
Always in the past.
It cannot be denied, facing of something, we often get caught in the comparison trap. Including, when change. And the final scene of this situation is denial, followed by the words, “What if before…” So if we decide to stay in the past, we need to be prepared to deal with conflicts that may occur. Because the difference between before and now could create gaps and discrepancies.
And if we decide to stop living in the past, we really do not have to worry about losing the memory. Let everything flows normaly. Accept proposed changes, rest assured, we will encounter new experiences that will be enriching.

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