Heart Attacks More Deadly When Being Lazy

Cases of sudden death while exercising are most often triggered by a heart attack. But don’t be afraid to exercise as according to research it’s 3 times more deadly if you’re to be lazing.
The scientists confirmed it after examining approximately 2517 cases of cardiac arrest occurring outside the hospital. Of those, 6 percent or about 145 cases occurred while the patient was doing sports activities.
The results of data analysis showed that of all the patients who had a heart attack while exercising nearly half or exactly 45 percent could be saved from death. Chances of survival in patients who had a heart attack while lazing is lower by 15 percent.
Though the type of exercise performed the patients in the study was not just a walk exercise. Some may say heavy, such as playing tennis, biking, swimming and exercise in the gym or fitness centers.
This is indeed strenuous known to trigger heart attacks, especially for those who have a history of heart problems. Increased heart rate during strenuous physical activity often leads to congestive heart failure.
Although physical activity is the best way to improve cardiovascular fitness, exercise can also trigger heart attacks that are acute but deadly.
Based on this research, the exercising remains healthier than lazing. If both have a heart attack, people who diligently exercise have a greater chance of surviving than lazing. The reason is the fitness factor to those who diligently exercise tend to be fitter so better able to survive when having a heart attack. Another factor is the factor of first aid, considering the sport is usually done in a public place so that access to first aid is easier than being lazing at home.

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