Listening To People Complaining Can Make The Brain Short – Circuit

People who complain a lot indicates that they are less thankful and mentally unhealthy. Not only bad for themselves but also bad for other people who heard it as it can damage the brain.

No one likes to hear complaints as besides making a bad moods, complaints affecting the brain and makes people who hear complaints behave like what the other people complained.

Neuroscientists have long study to measure brain activity when faced with a variety of stimuli, including the face or hear the complaint within a period of time.

The brain works like a muscle, more than we thought. So if it is too long to listen to negative things from someone, you are more likely to behave like that too.

What is worse, listening to too many complaints able to make one a fool. Research shows that the negative view for 30 minutes or more negative stretches the nerve cell connections in the brain area called the hippocampus, the very important part of the brain in solving problem.

Usually, people who complain do not want to get a solution. They just want the audience supporting the negative attitude towards the complaint and agreed to the statement. And if listeners tried to change their behavior, then the audience will be targeted complaint.

Unfortunately in the corporate and social environment, a familiar complaint is found almost every day. To overcome some try this:

Keeping distance
Because habits are difficult to change, give the distance to the whiners like a non-smoker keeping distance from exposure to smoke. Thus, a complaint issued can be minimized.

Ask the whiners to fix their own problems
If keeping a distance is difficult try the second strategy. Slowly persuade the complainant to solve their own problems. Although some of the whiners are actually trying to find a solution the problem, this strategy can make the complainers stop complaining.

When stuck having to listen to complaints, use mental techniques to block complaints. Analogues like being in a riot, but not ignoring the various disturbances that come. Or imagine something else that enjoyable and ignored the complaining.

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