Look Younger With Healthy Breakfast

Eat Foods With Low Glycemic Levels
Hormones that produce acne can be associated with the reduced of insulin sensitivity. This occurs when the various parts of the body block insulin and prevent it to transmit energy in the form of glucose to body cells. The excess glucose then finally get trapped in the blood and becomes a destructive in the body, including damaging your appearance. When a group of volunteers are invited to improve their insulin sensitivity by eating foods with low glycemic level (the amount of influence of food on blood sugar), their skin becomes brighter after 12 weeks. And, their weight also reduced!
You can lower the glycemic level with diet to reduce high blood sugar by staying away from trigger foods such as carbohydrates (cookies, potato chips, white bread, and packaged foods other unhealthy). Replace these foods with lean meats and fish, more dairy products, and perhaps most important of which are rich in fiber. Fiber-rich food ingredients can be commonly found in breakfast cereal made from 100% whole grains such as pasta, whole wheat bread, brown rice and oatmeal. Fiber is really very good for lower glycemic level, and also prevents blood sugar from soaring by slowing the absorption in the digestive system.
Eating low glycemic foods and satisfy the stomach with vegetables, soy, olive oil, nuts and whole wheat bread will also prevent wrinkles from showing up early. Antioxidants contained in these foods is suppose to play an important role to protect the skin from wrinkles caused by sun exposure.

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