Most Men Don’t Like To Eat Fruits And Vegetables

The reason, most men are not so sure that the consumption of fruits and vegetables is important for maintaining good health. Men feel less confident eating healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, especially when they are at work or in public.
These findings suggest that an effective message to persuade woman to eat lots of vegetables and fruits will not be effective for men. In a study that could explain the phenomenon of why men tend to not really like vegetables and fruits.
The researchers looked at three beliefs that should motivate people to want to eat a nutritious diet, the attitude toward fruits and vegetables, the ability to control food intake and the knowledge that someone else might want him to improve his diet.
Researchers used data on nearly 3,400 people from two surveys conducted in 2007. The survey contains questions intended to measure the attitudes, beliefs and behaviors regarding food. Approximately 40 percent of survey participants aged 35 to 54 years.
Overall, the researchers found that women are more appreciative of the benefits of fruits and vegetables. For example, women are more likely to agree that eating fruits and vegetables every day will help to look better and live longer.
Researchers also found that women are more confident of being able to eat fruits or vegetables as a snack when feeling tired, very hungry or when family or friends are eating junk food.
Perhaps the best way to get men to eat fruit and vegetables are healthy eating options at work or include fruits and vegetables as a snack menu.

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