Nicotine Reaches The Brain In 7 Seconds!

Nicotine builds up in the brain very quickly.
Everyone knows that smoking is bad for the heart and lungs, but do you know that smoking is also bad for the brain. When a person smokes, nicotine can reach up to the brain too as fast as 7 second. And with a puff of a cigarette, the nicotine buildup in the brain can really interfere with the nerve sensor sensitivity.
Not only that, the cigarette smoke then built up into a nicotine island in the brain making the brain only record the enjoyment of nicotine and once the nicotine pile is formed, it would not be a surprised if it ends up with a an addiction.
Considering how quickly the nicotine reaches the brains and the damaged it bring don’t you think it’s time to stop smoking? Well, some my say that quitting is not as easy as it seem and some may even argue saying something like that smoking makes them confident and superior. Well if you’re a that kind of person, you can replace smoking with chewing gum or even start using electronic cigarette starter kit as you can get everything in just one purchase. They’re also the cheapest on the market right now and nobody beats their customer service, so you know you’re getting the best deal. Other reasons are also they have no burn tobacco to inhale and even no tar with cancer causing chemicals. Not only until there, the e cigarettes also carry the traditional tobacco and menthol flavors.
Stop smoking and have a healthy mind and body.

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