Prevent Anemia With Garlic

Beware if you often feel easily tired, limp and listless. It could be a sign that your body is deprived of blood or anemia.
Anemia usually occurs when the body blood lacks hemoglobin (Hb) assigned to assist the red blood cells carry oxygen throughout the body. Symptoms commonly occur in patients with anemia are lips and fingertips look pale, tired, unable to concentrate and forgetful. And if a blood tests is conducted, a patients with anemia will have an average hemoglobin value lower than 13-14g/dl 11-12g/dl in adults or in children.
How to Control
To produce hemoglobin, the body needs iron derived from food that consists of 2 categories: heme and non-heme. Categories hemes are foods that can be easily absorbed by the gut are such as red meat, chicken, eggs, liver and beef. While the non-heme, iron contained in them cannot be directly absorbed by the intestine that it must be converted first as a food source of vitamin C, such as tomatoes or oranges. Non-heme foods are commonly found in green vegetables such as spinach, kale and beans.
According to research in the field of food, consumption of vegetables that contain fiber inulin as leeks, onions, garlic and artichokes prove to ward off fatigue and lethargy induced anemia. Inulin is a polymer of fructose units, is soluble in water, cannot be digested by digestive enzymes, but is fermented by the microflora in the colon (large intestine). There is an increase in iron absorption by about 28% in animals that consume inulin may trigger productivity of beneficial bacteria in the gut that makes iron absorption better.
Currently anulin intake per person on average are only about 2 grams a day. Meanwhile, body’s need anulin up to 5 grams per day so that the benefits could be maximized.

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