Can You Still Consume Frozen Food While On A Diet Program?

Measuring frozen foods.
Sometimes, diet program can collide with a busy routine. Even though the safe food list is already memorized but the lack of time to cook it can make a diet program fail. So is it safe to switch to frozen food?
A study of women who consumed frozen foods as much as 1365 calories per day has been done recently. Happy news is, research announced respondents 2.5Kg weight decreased more than those who ate regular food with the same amount of calories. That makes them able to lose more weight there then what is label on the nutrition packaging.
The nutritional label makes them who were undergoing weight-loss program can set how much fat and protein should be consumed, so that the program leads to success. The recommended calories for women who are dieting is 1,200 calories with a balanced food sources. Ie, 50-60% carbohydrates, 20-25% protein and 20-25% fat.
It’s just that there are things to keep in mind before taking any frozen food. Offered savory flavors of frozen food is not the same as the cook food. Less savory flavors is what makes us motivated to add food or snack.
And specifically for people with high blood pressure, frozen food is not an option. Because, most of the frozen food contains high sodium. The recommended sodium intake is no more than 2.300mg per day. When the content of sodium in the frozen food to be consumed more than 800 mg per day, then it should not be purchased.
Do not forget to add fiber, because frozen foods do not provide enough fiber. Fiber needs should not be less than 30% of the entire amount of food in one day.

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