Diabetes Make The Bones Fragile

A study found that men with type 1 diabetes are also at risk of developing osteoporosis.
This study show that men with type 1 diabetes will experience a decrease in bone density with the same level with elderly women who develop type 2 diabetes after menopause.
This means that young men with type 1 diabetes should take supplement diet of calcium and vitamin D to stave off bone degeneration. This study agrees with the results of previous studies showing an association between type 1 diabetes with a high risk of fractures to the bones.
The detailed study revealed that people with type 1 diabetes risk is almost 7 times higher (6.3 to 6.9) had fractures, whereas type 2 diabetes is only 1.4 to 1.7 higher risk for fractures.
Bone density is a measure of bone strength while the rate of bone turnover showed the body’s ability to form new bone and replace the damaged bone.
Another study found fact that type 1 diabetic men apparently lose bone density faster than female patients. But researchers claimed not to know the reason why.
Female participants in this study did not show any evident signs of menopause and still increases body mass index during the study. Even people with type 2 diabetes showed an increase in bone density in the next five years with insulin as an anabolic bone development. Patients with type 2 diabetes are at risk for bone loss is higher than the general population.
Perhaps a long-bone quality deteriorates or the presence of complications in patients vision making them fall easily just as people with osteoporosis or other bone disorders.

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