First Aid When Bitten By Venomous Snake

When bitten by a snake, the first to do is to ensure the type of snake. If there is a signs of fangs mark, then certainly that is a venomous snake that bites and its victims should get immediate first aid.
Besides trace of fangs mark, other characteristic of venomous snake bites is the pain followed by discoloration of the site of the bite within a few moments after being bitten. Within 10-15 minutes, the other symptoms are nausea, vomiting, dizziness, anxiety and sometimes shortness of breath.

First aid for snake bite victims are:

1. Do not panic. Not all snake bites are harmful, even though the bite is from a venomous snake species.

2. Reduce motion. Any unnecessary movement will only cause the venom to spread more quickly through the bloodstream. Try to remain silent, as much as possible to use means of transport and do not walk to reach locations that provide first aid.

3. Wash the bite. If there is, use soap and lukewarm water to clean the wound as soon as possible.

4. Wash your eyes if the burst reached it. Some species of cobras that live in Asia and Africa are capable of killing its victim without biting but just by spraying its victim on the eye and that could kill. If this burst touches the eyes or other thin mucous layer, wash it with clean water.

5. Tie tightly around the wound area. Strong ties around the bite can prevent the spread of the poison until further help. But avoided tying if bitten from a rattling snake as the risk of tissue damage at the site of the bite will increase if tied.

6. Take the victim to the doctor as soon as possible. Anti-venom serum can be found in the hospital or doctor. If in the journey the victim vomiting, place the victim in a sitting or lying position to ensure that vomit does not clog the airways.

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