How Effective Is Low-Fat Diet?

Maybe we have often heard the effectiveness of a low-fat diet or a low-crab. However, according to the latest research, the best diets are diet that is with a low glikemiks indexed.
Research to 21 people participants aged 18-40 years who are obese. They had previously lost weight up to 10-15%. The researchers put them into three respective diets for 4 weeks. All three diets are low fat, low glycemic diet, and a low-carbohydrate diet.
At the end of the program they found low-fat diet the worst as it affect the insulin, cholesterol “good” HDL and triglycerides. While low-carb diets if implemented in the long term can increase the risk of heart disease.
Unlike the diet with low glikemiks indexed. This diet can burn calories equivalent to when we do exercise, even though we’re not doing anything. By eating vegetables, fruits, and minimizing the processed wheat can make the body burn 150 calories more than if we just eat low-fat foods.
Meanwhile, when we rest, the body can still burn 40 more calories if you eat a low diet glikemiks food. This cannot happen if we just eat low fat intake. Many people are able to lose weight in a few weeks or even months. It’s just that most of them re-gained a few pounds after a year or more. However, this is where bariatric food products might help, they possessed many variants product and also body’s protein needs after weight loss surgery.
To lose weight and prevent heart disease, avoid extreme diets that prohibit inclusion of important nutrients into the body, such as fat or carbohydrates. Focus on reducing intake of processed carbohydrates because it can cause blood sugar to rise and fall significantly

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