Sweet Drinks= Bad Bacteria In Stomach Malignant

Sweetened drinks are believed to trigger the emergence of diabetes or diabetes. One study found that sugary drinks can fertilize the bad bacteria in the gut. The bad bacteria will ultimately lead to the emergence of health problems.
Bacteria in the gut process food and produce short chain fatty acids that are critical to provide energy for the body. But research found that sugary drinks actually help bad microbes grow in the intestines.
The researchers found that fructose-rich beverages, artificial sweeteners and alcohol may modify the intestinal bacteria that interfere with the body’s metabolism and satiety.
The increase in bad bacteria will cause a variety of health complications such as obesity and metabolic syndrome. In the end, the bad bacteria can increase the risk of diseases associated with the metabolic syndrome, such as diabetes.
Foods containing sugar, especially artificial sweeteners or fructose, will encourage the growth of microbes that affect the process of digestion in the gut. In addition, microbes in the gut also increases the immune response that causes inflammation.
Other studies have previously shown that poor quality food will increase the amount of bad bacteria in the gut. Consequently, weakening the immune system because of low levels of nutrition and cause inflammation in the body.
Microbes that grow well in the gut will produce a variety of useful products for humans and helps digestion. To grow the good bacteria in the gut, the best way is by consuming lots of fiber.

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